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Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi is the author of many unfinished works, both fiction and non-fiction. He has been writing for six years.

In 2014, Rahul spoke about the witch-hunts of the early modern period that influenced the feminist movement. This was at the Young Historian’s Conference. For this, he was placed first in the preliminary round and fourth in the final round. This inspired a greater interest in both history – the fundamental content of many of his books, notably The Monk’s Curse – and feminism. He has thus researched the works of Ipsita Roy Chakraverti, a Wiccan High Priestess, who posits that the ‘witches’ of the early modern period were the forebears of modern feminism.

In 2016, Rahul became an Allan Gray Scholar after completing high school. Since then, Rahul has pursued the achievement of various courses on biology and history on Coursera.org while becoming a tutor to high school students in Johannesburg, South Africa. A prolific reader and writer, Rahul continues to read and write amidst other obligations. He aspires to be a medical doctor after study at the University of Witwatersrand.

But, Who is Rahul Gandhi? (my unofficial bio)

I am the little-known self-published author of two non-fictional histories. I like to call myself a self-published author as I manage almost every aspect of my ‘business’. Recently, I have taken my focus of my non-fictional writings – unpublishing them – and instead focusing my time and efforts into the conception and creation of The Monk’s Curse Series (the first book of which is almost at publication) and Another Brick in the Wall. I have tried to incorporate aspects of what I find fascinating in both works.

Growing up, I was surrounded with books (Enid Blyton and the eccentric Roald Dahl come to mind), and eventually – with the weekly borrowing of three history books from the local library – not only did I develop an unrestricted and rudimentary desire to see my name on the spine of a book, much like I had admired the names on the spines of every book in my vast library, but I also developed a passion for history.

Both skills, writing and historical research, were honed in when I attended King Edward VII School in Johannesburg. My first essay written during my first year of serious study of English saw me fail with a spectacular 48 percent. This would not deter me, and with the education received from my teacher – Allyson Meyer (an unrivalled educator of words in my opinion) – I quickly progressed to receive 100 percent for a few of my essays and speeches. By the end of school, my understanding of literature and poetry was stellar. Such rigorous training has prepared me for the world of writing, despite lacking the degree in the necessary disciplines which most authors have.

My hope, having yet to face the harsh world of a reader’s eye, is that my education and practice has adequately prepared me for the world of novel writing.

Apart from writing and self-publishing, I tutor students in my hometown – Johannesburg in South Africa – and am studying at Medicine at Wits University.

This site is the home of my literary journey – my books and other published works, books I have read or will read, and my travels to fascinating places like the Strand Book Store in Manhattan, and the entire city of London. Here, you will also find my creative playground, where I play around with my ideas and inspirations, channeling my Muse, history, and conspiracies into my novels. Subscribers of my newsletter will have access to this literary playground with periodic newsletters.

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