Last week, I came across a very interesting video. It was a journalist exploring the workings of Neturei Karta, a group of Orthodox Jews who oppose the state of Israel and its occupation of Palestine. The journalist explored the group’s functions in London.

So what is Neturei Karta?

Quite simply, it is a group of Orthodox Jews supporting Palestine. Sounds strange, doesn’t it. A Jew, supporting the Islamic state of Palestine in opposition to the Jewish state of Israel. Well, quite frankly, no. It is not in the least bit strange.


If you read my previous post on Palestine’s Nakba, or the exodus of the Palestinian people when the Western nations decreed a state of Israel, you will know that I do not believe that the conflict between the fake state of Israel and the rightful state of Palestine is one of religion. No. It is one of politics. Indeed, the holy land is holy for all Abrahamic religions. Why is it then that it is seen as the birthright of the Jewish people? No people should have the birthright of an entire nation based entirely on their ancestry or religion. It goes against many fundamental human rights and the right of self-determination of statehood.

So, no, it is not about religion, at least, not anymore.

So, it is no coincidence that Neturei Karta recognise the Palestinian claim to the area now occupied by apartheid Israel. Even in making the case of religion they deny that the Jewish people have right to the holy land. They posit that the Jewish people shall be delivered to the holy land, as promised, but by God, not by force and by murder of other people.

This seems so logical. That is because it is. No religion should have claim to a land based on their beliefs. In making their beliefs transcend the rights of adherents of another religion, they are asserting the supremacy of their religious beliefs over that of their victims. That is to say, it claims that their religion is the one true one. That is fine. Religious people do believe exclusively in their God. But, if this God prohibits murder in His commandments, and if He promises deliverance to the Holy Land at His hand (much like he delivered the Jewish people from Egypt), then why are the adherents of this God going against His fundamentals?

I cannot say that I know of the Jewish God. I have read the Old Testament but my knowledge is limited to that. So, I cannot claim to base the argument above on scriptural reference.

But Neturei Karta certainly knows enough about their faith. And they recognise that the promised land shall not be delivered to the Jewish people by force and murder. It shall be delivered by the Messiah.

Religion aside, the Israeli state is an apartheid state. To substantiate this, I simply need to reference the fact that South Africa is rapidly ending its relations with the state of Israel. South Africa is the birth place of apartheid. South Africa is my home. And for South Africa to recognise that Israel is an apartheid state, it means that Israel is indeed an apartheid state. And, this makes me proud to be South African. No matter our economic and social problems, at least we know when to say stop to the destroyers of the world.

Perhaps this is something King Bibi, the delightful despot of Israel, should consider before basing his election campaign on Zionism. Perhaps this even gives insight into who exactly is making this struggle a religious one. It is undoubtedly a politician. So then, is this about religion or is this about politics? I think the latter, but I shall leave you to determine that.