Hitler’s Jew, Hugo Gutmann

Hugo Gutmann

What a strange term. Hitler’s Jew. And, who is Hugo Gutmann. The peculiarity of this phrase is because it is no secret that Hitler despised Jews. Indeed, his rise to power – along with that of the NSDAP (Nazis) – was based on the antisemitic premise of the Jews’ complicity in the loss of Germany in World War I. Why then would Hitler be so associated with a Jew that I would call the Jew Hitler’s.

That is because Gutmann is one of the few Jews to escape Nazi Germany virtually unscathed. I earlier wrote a book about Hitler, one I have since unpublished as I endeavour to revise it. However, there was one interesting fact in the book – one that a reviewer would expressly comment on. This fact pertains to Hugo Gutmann.

So who is this mysterious Hugo Gutmann?

He is known most famously as the man who commanded Adolf Hitler during World War I and the man that would later recommend him for an Iron Cross.

Naturally, this would imply that he enjoyed the privilege of amiable acquaintanceship with the Fuhrer of the Third Reich.

But where exactly did this Jew fit in?

Where was the place of Hugo Gutmann in the Jewish Problem? Where would his place be in the final solution?

His place fared him much better than his religious kin. Gutmann received a veteran’s pension after World War I. This was due to the increasing support of President Hindenburg toward the Jewish people in light of the rise of antisemitism. But, strangely, despite losing his citizenship along with his Jewish kin, he continued to receive a pension. In 1938, he was released after being arrested by the Gestapo.

Both of these incidents point to a strange phenomenon. He undoubtedly enjoyed the favour of the antisemitic Fuhrer. After all, is the bond of brotherhood during war not the strongest of them all? Perhaps, or perhaps not. But, unlike his Jewish kin, Gutmann never faced the hostility of the Nazi state. This facilitated his flee to the United States where he lived the rest of his days.

And so, like the unsubstantiated claims that Hitler had Jewish ancestry, and his non-Aryan appearance, his alleged patronage of his Jewish superior lends to the idea that Hitler did not hate Jews. Perhaps he saw it as the only way to garner the widespread support that he would need to devastate Europe. If only Hugo Gutmann had known that the man he had recommended for an award would later come to be his sworn adversary.

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