Behind The Monk’s Curse: Chapter Seven

I am afraid that there is not much for this week. Almost no planning or research went into this chapter. Still, I had difficult decisions to make while writing this chapter. How much to reveal to the reader?

This is a classic dilemma. On one hand, it is ideal to have the reader know everything. This is why omniscient narrators are so popular. On the other hand, it is beneficial to the suspense of the story to keep some information hidden. But, in works like this, with complex machinations, it is hard to strike a balance. But balance I did. Or at least I hope so. Thus, this chapter is nothing more than a device to reveal key information while introducing an aspect of mystery to the story. It was certainly a fun chapter to write, and hopefully one you will enjoy.

No onward – to the publishing of my latest book. One more proofread!

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