The Monk’s Curse – now in print!

It has been almost eight months since my last post – this was despite promises of frequent activity and weekly behind the scenes of The Monk’s Curse.

I think I can be forgiven as I have managed to get The Monk’s Curse out in print. Here is the trailer of The Monk’s Curse – by far the jewel of my writings so far!

Get The Monk’s Curse in print now

Now I will not be so silly as to make promises of consistency when my nature is inconsistent. Logically, I also think it is ridiculous to expect consistency of myself – what with the new tasks I have taken on. Tasks which mean that my work on an upcoming biography (not for publication) and my long desire fantasy, have been delayed.

That is not to say that things have not been exciting. That is, for me. I have started studying law, politics, French, and international relations at the University of Witwatersrand where I previously studied medicine. I mention this because it ties in crucially to my works. I have previously written political pieces, now, not without consequence. I am also very excited to study French. I wrote a post on learning Esperanto. While I did not complete that commitment either, like I posited in the post, it is indeed helping me learn French!

There isn’t much else to say besides that the sequel to The Monk’s Curse, which is tentatively called The Historian’s Folly, is in the works. And if I may so bold so as to be brutally honest, it is currently a piece of bullshit. Let me hope that my inconsistency in delivering magically redeems this sequel.

Behind The Monk’s Curse: Chapter Nine

Behind the Scenes, The Monk's Curse - Prologue

Today is a momentous day. It is the day that I have held the first physical copy of one of my books. This has inspired me to write the sequel to The Monk’s Curse, and to produce a historical companion to it.

But on to the matter of business. Chapter Nine. I cannot say that this is a chapter of much excitement. Neither does it portray any of the glorious unveilings found in the previous chapters, nor does it capture marvellous escapes found in future chapters. But it follows the protagonist as he reels in shock from the contents of Chapter Eight. It processes his anger. It paves the way forward.

To read, it is a quick chapter. In the grander scheme of things, it serves as one of those that are exciting but not entirely necessary. I am sure that you have noticed by now that I have my preference for certain chapters. Is this allowed as an author? I do not know. But Chapter Nine is far down the list of my scale of liking for chapters.

But, the show must go on. As must the writing. Onward and out to The Historian’s Folly and The Historical Companion to The Monk’s Curse. Godspeed.

P.S. My language is currently being inspired by the phase of Lord of the Rings mania that frequently punctuates my life. Have you read it? You should.

Behind The Monk’s Curse: Chapter Eight

Behind the Scenes, The Monk's Curse - Prologue

Finally. Finally a chapter that plunges the protagonist into his intended plot. Chapter Eight is where it really gets exciting. Unlike the previous chapters (except the Prologue and Chapter One), this is not a chapter filled with people having conversations – on this note, I am reminded of Tyrion Lannister of Game of Thrones that history is entirely composed of powerful men and women having conversations in grand rooms (of course I paraphrase). But the previous chapters were exactly that; people having conversations that somehow managed to keep the plot going.

But this chapter is the impetus for the whirlwind of events that are to come. This comes with a shocking discovery – almost the whole truth of the protagonist’s past (the search of which is the novel’s main plot point). This shocking discovery leads to a shocking act.

But on the nature of the discovery, it is not solely of historical nature like previous ones. It is entirely fictional, but revealing crucial bits of information pertaining to the practices of secret societies that are deeply set in history. As such, this novel was the conception of clearly defined roles and locations of clearly defined groups.

It was a fun chapter to write. It felt as if the plot was finally progressing. But for whatever its merits, I still cannot say much here. That is where The Historical Companion to The Monk’s Curse comes in. It is a book that I have been excited for for a while. A complete guide to the history of The Monk’s Curse. But until its release, and until next week’s post, happy reading (whatever and wherever that may be).