Rahul Gandhi is the author of The Monk’s Curse and Remembering Home as well as other unpublished works of historical non-fiction. He is currently collaborating on a project with the author A. J. Duncan to create the fantasy world of Morrigan

Rahul’s books are influenced by his interest in history, politics, geopolitics, and social justice. From these, he writes unique themes in his books. These books include books in the Literary, Mystery, Thriller, Historical Fiction, and Fantasy genres.

Rahul is a student and tutor in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is an Allan Gray Scholar. He studied Medicine at the University of the Witwatersrand. At present, he studies Law there, majoring in International Relations and Politics and minoring in French. He has been offered a place at the University of Cambridge to further study Human, Social, and Political Sciences. His education serves to further inform the themes of his works.

Throughout his career, Rahul has succeeded in many competitions with a focus on writing and speaking. The key theme underpinning these activities is history – something which Rahul enjoys and writes into his books.

Who I am?

I am Rahul Gandhi, the author of two novels and countless other works coming soon. I write mysteries, thrillers, historical fiction, and fantasy. As you will see from my bio, my books, and my blog – not to mention all my social media platforms – I am a person who has many interests and I like incorporating those into my books. Such interests include fantasy, history, politics, and the social sciences. I have always dreamt of having my name on a book and I am excited to be sharing that journey and excitement with all my readers. It took me 6 years to produce a five-star reviewed novel, and I am not stopping there.

Growing up, I was surrounded by books. This was a blessing and I am grateful to my parents for that. Enid Blyton and the eccentric Roald Dahl amongst others were constantly at my side. Eventually – with the weekly borrowing of three history books from the local library – I began an obsession with Ancient Greece that became an obsession with history itself. I developed an unrestricted and rudimentary desire to see my name on the spine of a book, much like I admired the names of the spines of ever book in my vast library.

I have written non-fiction before, but I have recently taken my focus off that and am now putting effort into creating many wonderful fictional worlds. That is not to say that my years-in-the-making biography of Adolf Hitler won’t be finished. Rather, I will write the sequels to my two novels – The Monk’s Curse and Remembering Home. I am also collaborating with the author and pianist A. J. Duncan on an exciting project that will see many books coming out. I am really excited to share it. It is a cross-genre series that will be tied together by its characters and locations. For now, we call it the world of Morrigan. As with all my writings, it will be deeply influenced by my interests and my informed writing style.

In my free time, I love to tutor, to watch Netflix, to cook, and to chase insane dreams. For now, I am settling into a new normal as the world rapidly changes with the coronavirus pandemic. In this normal is the unbridled desire to continue to create art in the hopes that I can create a masterpiece.